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  Speech aids, larryngophones or electrolarynxes


Electrical larynx (eletrolarynx) is a device which is powered by a battery that produce sound, used instead of voice. There are many different types and constructions existing, but usually they have the size of a small electrical razor. The device is put to your throat or you put a small tupe in the corner of your mounth. When you push the button, the device starts to produce sound. If you start moving your tongue and mouth you can transform the sounds into words..




   All models can be tried and bought in our Hearing correction centers. Of course, the big nomenclature, does not allow us to keep in constant availability all offered models in all of our centers. Some of them (especially the high and premium class) are delivered upon preliminary request. If you are interested in some particular model or manufacturer, which is not included in our catalogue, please turn to our professional employees or contact us.


Говорни апарати Romet

Говорен апарат Romet R200                                     Говорен апарат Romet R200



  • Speech aid ROMET R200


  • Easy to use

  • External adjustable setting for more authentic voice

  • Small and light, made from airplane aluminium

  • Uses accumulator 9V 700 mA baterries

  • 1 unit - Electrical speech aid

  • 1 unit - Smart charger 9V

  • 2 units - Rechargable lithium-ion batteries

  • 1 unit - intra-oral adapter with 5 tubes

  • 1 unit - flashlight with strap

  • 1 unit – neck strap                      




Говорен апарат ServoxГоворен апарат Servox Eco



  • SERVOX Eco


  • Speech aid SERVOX ® ECO’s functions are managed through multi-functional button. This button is ergonomically installed and can be used easily from people with limited coordination capabilities.

  • Easy settings with one button

  • Light weight

  • Individual setting of amplification and timbre

  • Reliable SERVOX quality

  • Made in Germany



Говорен апарат Blom Singer EL1000




  • Easy to use

  • Individual setting of amplification and timbre

  • 2 units Rechargable lithium-ion batteries

  • Oral adapter Blom-Lauder

  • Strap

  • Made in the USA

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