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Sturdy and durable Sirion 2 is designed specially to bring you the music from the life around you. Sirion 2 will help you to hear more clearly the voices and sounds, which you long to hear and is so easy to use that you will enjoy the most important moments. It has the latest technology that adapts automatically to your listening preferences to create rich sound quality and clear speech. All this plus discreet control with touchControl App™  will bring you the enjoyment of the sounds around you. Your hearing care practitioner will help you choose the model that best suits your individual needs.



  • from light to medium - severe hearing loss
  • 16 frequency channels
  • 4 programmable modes of operation
  • touchControl App™
  • excellent sound quality
  • reliable
  • easy to use
  • directional microphones
  • Speech and Noise management technology for improvement of speech understandability in noisy enviorment
  • improved feedback "whistling" supressing technology
  • Data Logging system
  • waterproof with rating IP 67
  • nanocoating against humidity and dirt
  • nanocoated microphone membranes
  • rubber seals
  • closed construction
  • OpenFit available
  • BTE models
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