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Слухов апарат Siemens Orion


Orion 2 hearing aids combine intelligent technology and flexibility in order to deliver you reliable hearing experience. The corps of Orion 2 has special nano coverage and is sertificated under the European resistance standards IP67. Orion 2 supports touchControl App which allow you to discreetly control your hearing aid through your smartphone. All of this in combination with the excellend speech inderstanding and wireless connection transform Orion 2 into your reliable partner, no matter what life will bring you.



  • from mild to semi - severe hearing loss
  • 16 frequency channels
  • 4 programmable modes of operation
  • touchControl App™
  • TinitusTherapy™ technology
  • excellent sound quality
  • relible
  • easy to use
  • 2 microphones
  • automatic adaptive directional microphones
  • eWindScreen™ technology suppressing the wind noise
  • Speech and Noise management technology for improved speech understandability in noisy enviorments
  • SoundSmoothing™ technology for more natural sound
  • DataLogging system
  • improved feedback "whistling" suppressing technology
  • e2e wireless 3.0 connectivity
  • waterproof with IP 67 rating
  • nanocoating against humidity and dirt
  • nanocoated microphone membranes
  • closed construction
  • OpenFit available
  • BTE and RIC models
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