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 Слухови апарати Sonic  



   Слухови апарати Sonic


SONIC is an American company producing modern hearing aids. In the recent years it is part of William Demant Holding, a company possessing some other world-famous firms, producing hearing aids such as the Swiss - BERNAFON and the Danish - OTICON.



Слухов апарат Sonic PEP 20/PEP 20 P

PEP 20/PEP 20 P – modern technology on affordable price

PEP 20 – for medium to high hearing loss up to 90 dB max.

PEP 20 P (powerful) – for heavy hearing loss up to 100 dB max.

Main advantages of PEP 20:

Excellent sound on affordable price – Even though it is positioned in the Standard (Middle) class, PEP 20 uses innovative technology for canalless signal processing and delivers amazing, authentic and quality sound.

Comfort in noisy sound environment – The usage of hearing aid in noisy environment might be a challenge for you, if you started using it recently. PEP20 reduces the useless side noises for more comfortable feeling.

Models for all needs – Avalaible in different modern and descreet models, suiting different levels of hearing losses.

Functions and characteristics of PEP20:

  • Canalless signal processing

  • Opportunity for OPEN Fit

  • 8 KHz frequency range

  • Fixed or Omni direction of microphones

  • Adaptive noise reduction

  • 3 programs

  • Attractive desing and variety of styles


CONTACT US+359 32 240 506