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    Bernafon швейцарски слухови апаратиBernafon швейцарски слухови апарати


Based in Bern, the Swiss company Bernafon develops hearing systems for more than 60 years. Bernafor represents the first in the world digital programmable hearing aid in 1988. With the establishment of this revolutionary technology, Bernafon makes lasting impression in the industry. In 2002 the company impressed everybody again with the indroduction of the Channel Free sound processing. An unique new approach for processing of the income signal.



Слухов апарат Bernafon Win  

Bernafon WIN

  • 3 channel of signal processing

  • Adaptive reduction of the side noise

  • System for dealing with whistling

  • Indicators for low battery and more

  • Contoller of sound volume

  • Phone program

  • FM compatibility


   Слухов апарат Bernafon Neo

Bernafon NEO

  • 5 channels of signal processing

  • Opportunity for OPENfit

  • Adaptive reduction of the side noise

  • Adaptive system for dealing with whistling

  • Targeted microphone

  • 2 hearing programs

  • Programmable indicators

  • FM compatibility

  • Soft noises control

  • Sound volume control

  • System for improvement of the speech understandability in noisy environment




Слухов апарат Bernafon Veras 9 

Bernafon VERAS 9

  • Bernafon Channel Free sound processing

  • Opportunity for OpenFit

  • 10 KHz frequency range (especially suitable for musicians)

  • Wireless connection between hearing aids and two-sided acoustics

  • Addaptive targeted microphones with 3 modes of operation

  • Adaptive decrease of side noise with 3 modes

  • Adaptive system for dealing with whistling

  • 4 programs

  • 11 oprions for programing of the 4 programs

  • Opportunity for developing a profile depending on the lifestyle for better adaptation of the hearing aid

  • Record of usage data of the hearing aid

  • Self-learning about the sound volume

  • Attractive desing with variety of styles

  • Option for DAI/FM adapter

  • Option for remote control

  • Option SoundGate for Bluetooth connection between audio sources

  • Option Bluetooth adapter for TV

  • Option Bluetooth adapter for phone


CONTACT US+359 32 240 506