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   These hearing aids have the maximum number of channels for signal process and the same or improved characteristic of the Middle class, but with some additions as wireless connection, remote control and more. They offer very good sound quality and are suitable for people having a very dynamic lifestyle, seeking for quality sound in every situation, children and students.  


   This is classification of the hearing aids according to their price. However, because of the constant competition between the different manufacturers, it often happens for one product to be in lower price class, but to possess the same or better technical characteristic compared to a similar hearing aid from another manufacturer, who is selling it on a higher price.



   All models can be tried and bought in our Hearing correction centers. Of course, the big nomenclature, does not allow us to keep in constant availability all offered models in all of our centers. Some of them (especially the high and premium class) are delivered upon preliminary request. If you are interested in some particular model or manufacturer, which is not included in our catalogue, please turn to our professional employees or contact us.



In our catalogue you will find a list with the recommended from us models and brands. Their order is according to the price class in which they fit..


   Advice ! During the choice of hearing aid you do not have to be led only by the appearance or price. The audio and technical characteristic have to be more important for you!



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