The batteries that you are using with your hearing aid can occur to have a significant impact on its performance. This is the main stimulus behind our recommendation for usage of Rayovac Extra Advanced batteries

Rayovac  Extra  Advanced 

Made in UK and USA

 up to 17% more power and longevity compared to the standard

Up to 4 years to expiry date from the date of manufacture.



Important facts concerning batteries for the modern hearing aids


All hearing aids are using the so called zinc-air batteries (Zn-Air), which differ from the occasional Li-ion batteries. The main reason behind this is the fact that the Zn-Air battery is several time more durable than the Li-ion one: up to 14 days for size 15 while the same size Li-ion (etc. for a watch) endures 3-4 days, plus the high danger of leakage in the aid.  


Hearing centers AudioHelp remind to all of its clients that the usage of different from the recommended (Zn-Air) batteries will lead to automatic cancellation of the factory warranty of you hearing aid!!!


There are various factors that affect batteries’ lives:


1. Hearing loss

Need for more amplification      ►     Higher consuption  Reduced battery life

                 ►    ►  


2. Size of the battery

When the battery size is smaller, the compounds that produce energy is lesser as well, this result in a shorter battery life for the smaller ones and longer for the bigger .



3. Usage time of the hearing aid

- You need to take into consideration two facts:


How many days per week do you use the hearing aid?    How many hours per day do you use the hearing aid?


4. Different hearing aid models  

The extras in the nowadays digital hearing aids may raise up the consumption up to 300%, they are as follows:

    Noise eliminating systems

   Multichannel processing of the sound signal

   Additional accessories and applications using wireless connection or Bluetooth


5. Enviorment


Low humidity: In case of low humidity the battery dries out and its life decreases when:

  • The person stays at home most of time during the winter months.

  • Usage of wood or other solid fuels for heating.

  • The battery is forgotten during the hearing aid’s drying process.

  • The hearing aid is not used occasionally.

High humidity: In case of high humidity the battery may absorb humid from the environment which leads to swelling and leakages when:

  • The person works outside in hot and humid environment.

  • The person spends most of his time in unventilated and humid environment.

  • The hearing aid is not used occasionally.

Temperature: When the temperatures are low the battery voltage decreases and it runs out faster when:

  • The person works in open and cold place or in refrigeration chamber.




When the altitude rises up the percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere is lower, coherently the voltage of the battery gets lower and it runs out faster when:

  • The person lives in high altitude

  • When travelling with a plane.


6. Presumable battery life:




3 - 10 days


3 - 12 days


5 - 14 days


9 - 20 days



There is no universal answer to the question about the hearing aids’ batteries endurance – it is strictly individual for every consumer.


Source: Reyovac battery guide June 2013

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