What is an earmold and what is used for?


  • The earmold is made according to the imprint taken from your ear.

  • It is made out of silicone (soft) and polymer (hard)

  • The earmold suits the person’s ear perfectly – this ensures that the hearing aid won’t fall from your ear.

  • Because of the good compaction whistling from the hearing aid is avoided.

  • The earmold contributes to clear, dense and clarified hearing.

  • It improves the wearing of hearing aids as it makes it more comfortable.


Types of earmolds


 - Standard (classic) – it fills almost the whole outer part of the ear, in order for it to attach well and to keep the hearing aid in place. It may be produced out of soft or hard material.
Standard earmold with a hook – this type of earmold is made in case of insufficient number of ear curves which cannot keep it in place, this is why a hook is attached to the ear. Most often this is used with younger children.
-  Lightweight earmold – the most preffered type – it obturates and keeps in place the hearing aid, it looks good as well.
In-the-canal earmold – it fits in the canal of the ear and is almost invisible. Good option for aesthetic seeking solutions.
- Combined – this earmold is a combination between the standart and the in- the-canal one. It posseses good acoustic characteristics and is recommended for peope, having a difficulties while placing and removing the standard casting. This type is easer for placing and removing.



In Hearing Center AudioHelp you can order earmolds for your hearing aid as well as personal ear plugs (for noise and swimming). Usually the manufacturing time is in between 10-15 days, however, in some cases we do accept express orders.

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